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Found that this company had been charging me for over a year. Do not recall establishing account or requesting any such service.

Quite certain that if I used their service it was under the impression that is was either free or a 1 time charge, not a recurring quarterly charge (which is why I missed the billing until now).

They did agree to refund a years worth of the premium paid and cancelled the account. Check your credit card statement every single month to avoid a charge like this for a service you never use.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Dear Spokeo Customer,

We understand your concern and wish to assist in resolving this issue. In order for a Spokeo subscription to be created, a user must navigate to our website at and either click on the "Sign Up" button or perform a search and click on the "Get Full Results" button.

The user would then be required to enter in a full 16 digit credit or debit card number along with the card's matching security code, cardholder name, card expiration date, card billing zip code, and enter a valid email address that becomes the username associated with the account. We try to make this clear by detailing it on our payment page, including it in the disclaimer which has to be agreed to before the purchase is processed.

In addition, the information is included in the confirmation receipt sent immediately after payment, as well as in our Terms of Use. I do apologize again if this was unclear in any way.


Spokeo Customer Care