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I agreed to a minimal charge to start my 1 month Spokeo membership after which I would be charged if I didn't cancel. The charge was .95 cents to start which was obn 11/5/16.

If I didn't cancel within 30 days I would be charged again - $9.85. I didn't cancel and ended up paying the additional monthly fee. However, when I was reviewing my statement for November for another reason, I saw a charge from Spokeo on 11/13 for $19.95! This additional charge happened less than 10 days after my initial charge.

I noticed it several months later because I rarely use that credit card and I just didn't think Spokeo would go back and add a charge. However, my credit card company was able to resolve this over the phone after I told the representative the history. I was told I would receive a refund immediately for $19.95.

It would seem that the Spokeo problem is known to my credit card company and that the additional charge is a scam. I would also like to add that the reason why I used Spokeo is because I was receiving suspicious phone calls and wanted to back trace the phone numbers but that was unproductive.

Product or Service Mentioned: Spokeo Subscription.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Dear Spokeo Customer,

We’re so sorry for any confusion. When you signed up you selected our Single Search with Premium Trial plan, which provided you with an initial $0.95 Single Record as well as additional free Premium access for 7 days.

As long as the trial is cancelled within 7 days, the account does not continue. Because your trial was not disabled within 7 days, a recurring subscription fee began to charge. Accounts of this type automatically renew if left active to prevent any service interruption. We try to make this very clear by detailing this on our payment page, including it in the disclaimer which has to be agreed to before the purchase is processed.

In addition, the information is included in the confirmation receipt sent immediately after payment, as well as in our Terms of Use. We do apologize again if this was unclear in any way.

If you need any assistance with your account, please contact Spokeo customer care at 1-888-906-0850 or Thanks you.


Spokeo Customer Care

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